Boost Learning Rate In Primary Classrooms

Product News / February 4, 2016

Multi Sensory Learning

The role of a teacher has been well reported as one of developing stress. But it may not be the work, the curriculum or the latest educational initiative. It may be the schoolchildren in their classes are struggling to grasp the content of the lesson and having dropped out of contention. They often become disinterested and rebel.

This is especially relevant with children with special needs in primary school. Not all children multi-sensory-pack-p344-1015_thumbminilearn at the same rate. With unforgiving educational targets looming in the background the pressure mounts for both the child and teacher.


This can spiral when other lessons are taken into account. Often a failure in say numeracy can influence attention in literacy. The answer could be found in the multi sensory learning packs introduced by Designed to help children in all aspects of learning from numeracy and literacy to drama and PSHE. They engage children who typically tend to switch off when struggling to understand a lesson.



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