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Image of Investigating Electricity Kit

Investigating Electricity Kit

£115.00 ex Vat

How does electricity work? The series of activities in this kit explores parallel circuits, series circuits, resistance and fuses. The Parents Guide and two children's workbooks provide for different levels of difficulty and interest. Kit includes

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Image of Investigating Force Kit

Investigating Force Kit

£115.00 ex Vat

Measure the forces of gravity and power with this complete kit! Nine experiments allow children to use the scientific method to understand the principles of force, friction, pressure, work and power. The Teaching Guide gives helpful background inf

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Image of Irwin LED Raybox

Irwin LED Raybox

£38.79 ex Vat


A fantastic new approach to ray optics devices, boasting the latest in ultra bright LED technology housed in the traditional robust diecast box.

There is no need for heavy lab power packs as the unit includes a small plug top power adapto

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Image of Leading the Way in Diversity And Inclusion

Leading the Way in Diversity And Inclusion

£12.49 ex Vat

Help students see that modern leadership skills include the opportunities and benefits of creating an inclusive environment.Global leaders must transcend the boundaries of geography, language and culture in order to work collaboratively, productiv

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Image of Lecardo Classpack

Lecardo Classpack

£27.62 ex Vat

Pack of 5. Save £5 on individual packs. This literacy card game is an ideal fun way to help children to read, spell and use a wider vocabulary.Keep score to see who is the best word builders in the group. Can be played by two or four player

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Image of Letter Cubes Classpack.

Letter Cubes Classpack.

£49.99 ex Vat

This new teaching resource is a pocket word dice English literacy educational game which can be played by any number of players or teams. It consists of 12 letter dice, each with a score value.

How to Play:


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Image of Life, The Universe & Mathematics (Educational Site Licence)

Life, The Universe & Mathematics (Educational Site Licence)

£82.58 ex Vat

Educational Site Licence!

When learning, a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth a million words and an interactive picture is worth a thousand million words.

Life the Universe and Mathematics, the latest CD-

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Image of Light Energy Kit

Light Energy Kit

£120.00 ex Vat

Learning games. Help your class to understand the properties of light energy with this kit.18 activities, including light transmission, light theory and colour, light sources, reflection, refraction and diffraction of light. Activity Guide include

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Image of Light Macro Science Kit

Light Macro Science Kit

£109.00 ex Vat

Make a periscope, pinhole camera and even a rainbow with this exciting kit. Packed in a colour coded tray with pupil`s worksheets, Teacher`s notes and a contents checklist.

The kit

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Image of Magnetic Rainbow Arc Cursive

Magnetic Rainbow Arc Cursive

£13.49 ex Vat

Ideal for sequencing activities, this double-sided magnetic mat has a rainbow arc on one side and an arc of letters on the other. Recommended for use with Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters (Pack 1). Contains one A3 double sided Magnetic Mat.

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