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Educational science games and teaching resources to show children the sources of green energy renewable energy. Get students to understand the benefits of capturing energy from renewable sources. Working models show how solar heating and photovoltaic renewable energy sources work. The teaching resources include practical demonstrations with worksheets for teachers, project team leaders and parents.


Image of Solar Water Heater Kit

Solar Water Heater Kit

£49.93 ex Vat

Educational teaching resources kit to demonstrate the benefits of the sun as a renewal energy source


  • Experience water heating by the Sun
  • Measure temperature increase with a digital thermometer (incl

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Image of Comprehensive Solar Electricity Kit

Comprehensive Solar Electricity Kit

£109.00 ex Vat

Solar power renewable energy education. This redesigned kit now includes: a full function digital multi-meter, 2 large solar cells, LED lamp, buzzer, DC motor, propeller, patch cords and a new comprehensive lesson plan with 8 unique lab exercises

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Image of Solar Furnace

Solar Furnace

£115.00 ex Vat

Demonstrate the extraordinary power of the sun by concentrating solar energy with this 12" diameter parabolic dish. Using its reflective mirror, the furnace can generate temperatures around 350 degrees Fahrenheit to heat materials placed in the at

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Image of Solar Oven

Solar Oven

£60.00 ex Vat

See how efficient solar radiation is using this solar oven. It has reflective surfaces that concentrate heat radiation in the central chamber, resulting in temperatures up to 350 degrees C. An accompanying activity guide gives suggestions for expe

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Image of Solar Photovoltaic Kit

Solar Photovoltaic Kit

£49.93 ex Vat

Renewable energy demo kit to introduce children to the benefits of solar energy as an energy source. Includes worksheets for the teacher.


  • Experience electricity generation from the Sun
  • Measure

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Image of Sunpower House

Sunpower House

£72.00 ex Vat

Expand children's understanding of energy costs with this working model of a passive solar house. The 11" x 11" x 8" model comes complete with a detailed activity guide containing activities in basic science, solar energy and renewable energy cons

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Image of Suntracker


£92.00 ex Vat

With this fascinating sky dome, children can plot the position of the sun for any given time and date. An effective tool for illustrating earth/sun relationships and renewable energy the Suntracker gives children the opportunity to participate in

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Educational Science Games In Solar Renewable Energy:

These teaching resources and green renewable energy education introduce children to solar power as the energy source for the future. Games and teaching resources introduce this vital subject through fun practical experiments to measure and use solar energy. Put the photo voltaic cell in sunlight and watch the bulb light up or drive a fan.

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