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Games, stories and music to stimulate the early years learning ready for nursery and foundation class in school. Fun CDROM’s to play on car journeys; hand puppets to act out the imagination, squidgy sparkle games to learn about numbers and shapes all designed to introduce fun into the learning process.


Image of Izzys Island (Home User)

Izzys Island (Home User)

£16.98 ex Vat

Educational games software filled with colourful characters and activities to fulfill the learning and development requirements for 3 to 5 year olds in early learning.

Product Code: SS-IZZYL.

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Image of Make a Face Puppets

Make a Face Puppets

£32.12 ex Vat

These educational tactile face puppets can be used to create different fun faces and expressions. Used as puppets they are ideal for PSHE role playing or to provide opportunities to talk about feelings and emotions. Each face is supplied with 10 V

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Image of Picture bingo

Picture bingo

£17.49 ex Vat

Also great as a travel game

An early learning level bingo game in which children match cards with pictures on one side and words on the other. Contains: four game boards and 24 reversible cards.

Product code: L10

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Image of The Spark

The Spark

£15.31 zero Vat

Children's interactive book contained in a box-set with five, ethically sourced, multi-sensory gifts- plus CD, is inspiring and educational with imaginative illustrations.

Great fun for young and old alike and wonderful to read to the youn

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Image of Weather Window

Weather Window

£40.48 ex Vat

This unique weather chart is ideal for visually recording the day and weather. Children can observe the weather outside and select the appropriate symbols to go behind the PVC window. The background folds up for easy storage and includes 8 weather

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Image of All About Materials

All About Materials

£41.44 ex Vat

CD ROM All About Materials is a visually stimulating and extremely motivating science resource, which introduces pupils to a variety of new skills through its interactive activities.

Product Code: 9781842350508

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Image of Bric a Brac: Sorting

Bric a Brac: Sorting

£13.03 ex Vat

Early years educational games software.This Bric-a-Brac title has been created to help develop thinking and logic skills. In the activities included, the player must sort images into groups and with themes covering food, indoors & outdoors, animal

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Image of Captain Conrad's Space Adventure

Captain Conrad's Space Adventure

£13.03 ex Vat

Early years education. Join Captain Conrad in his fantastic Space Adventure. Journey from planet to planet and play fun games and activities at every stop. Each activity specially designed to work on a particular skill, numeracy, literacy, art, IC

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Image of Magic Beanbag

Magic Beanbag

£16.98 ex Vat

Educational games software. This cross-curricular encyclopaedia is designed specifically to help young children develop their early referencing skills and encourage their naturally inquisitive minds. Filled with great graphics, video snippets and

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Image of Moringa Lacing Tree

Moringa Lacing Tree

£29.12 ex Vat

This 36-piece wooden educational lacing toy is ideal for developing creative and fine motor skills. Decorate the tree using the many different wooden characters. Pick and choose pieces of nature to lace together to create a unique forest scene again

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Toys and educational Games to bring lots of fun into the early years and pre school learning activities.

The range of great educational games used extensively in nursery school and foundation classrooms to stimulate fun learning through games. Selected from specialist educational games suppliers to help children enjoy the early learning process in readiness for school.

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