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Image of Action Reaction Lab

Action Reaction Lab

£179.00 ex Vat

RRP/Was: £230.91

Investigate functions of the nervous system with this interactive laboratory activity. Using a reaction timer, children measure response time to various stimuli including light, sound and touch. Materials are included allowing children to develop

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Image of Analysing Chromosomes Through Karyotyping

Analysing Chromosomes Through Karyotyping

£65.00 ex Vat

Science teaching resources. Analysing Chromosomes Through Karyotyping.

Lab Investigation. Construct & analyse karyotypes Using the supplied chromosome spreads, children identify pairs of homologous chromosomes and construct a karyotype. C

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Image of Breath Volume Kit

Breath Volume Kit

£42.00 ex Vat

Teaching games. Breath Volume Kit. Children measure tidal volume and respiratory minute volume with the plastic bag and mouthpiece. Kit will also aid in demonstrating the effects of conditioning. Complete instruction guide included. Key Stage 2 -

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Image of Breathing Fitness Lab

Breathing Fitness Lab

£199.00 ex Vat

Teaching resources in biology

Investigate the pulmonary system by measuring breath rate, breath volume, breath recovery, breath control, lung volume and the amount of CO2 in exhaled air. Kit includes: breath control meter, lung volume bag

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Image of Demonstrating Biotechnology Using Bioluminescent Proteins

Demonstrating Biotechnology Using Bioluminescent Proteins

£96.00 ex Vat

Science games. Demonstrating Biotechnology Using Bioluminescent Proteins.

Lab Investigation. A hands-on exploration of bioluminescence in nature! Your children will learn first hand how bioluminescence occurs and how, through biotechnolog

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Image of Du All Box

Du All Box

£35.00 ex Vat

Biology games. Du-All Box.

This Du-All box can be used for many different activities; mini aquarium, terrarium, ant farm, earthworm study, solar still - the list goes on and on! Multi-purpose design includes two dividers and a cover, all

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Image of Examining Bacteria Through Infusion

Examining Bacteria Through Infusion

£75.00 ex Vat

Teaching resource to help students examine Bacteria through Infusion.

Lab Investigation. A totally safe means to explore the microscopic world of bacteria. Recreate the classic experiments of Anton van Leeuwenhoek, the famed Dutch discove

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Image of Extracting DNA

Extracting DNA

£75.00 ex Vat

Teaching resource in Bio Technology and Bio Science

Lab Investigation Isolate & observe actual DNA in your home! Most may think that it is impossible to see DNA with the naked eye. With a little help, though, they can actually do just tha

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Image of Vision Disc

Vision Disc

£50.00 ex Vat

Children can measure the field of vision, and can read field and peripheral vision using this unique device.

Key Stage 2 - 3.

Product Code: EDU-6015

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Image of Linking Blood Donors & Recipients Using Neo/BLOOD

Linking Blood Donors & Recipients Using Neo/BLOOD

£75.00 ex Vat

Teaching resource to show the link of blood transfusions and blood banking. Accurate blood typing is essential for safe transfusions and blood banking. A transfusion conducted with an incompatible blood type could cause blood cells to clump togeth

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