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These English educational games help children to develop their ability and skills to recognise letters, form letters through a series of script and writing exercises. Developed by educational experts they help children write legibly and fluently in joined-up writing. Includes cursive writing exercises and punctuation. Great as teaching resources and printable worksheets for early years learning. Many include including labels, flash cards, cursive letters and cursive writing exercises using capitals, apostrophes and punctuation.


Image of Comfort Pencil Grips

Comfort Pencil Grips

£9.95 ex Vat

A new design in pencil grips. Made in soft foam they provide a comfortable and secure grip for small or less able fingers.

Product Code: T961

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Image of Cross guard Ultra Pencil Grips

Cross guard Ultra Pencil Grips

£13.50 ex Vat

Handwriting aids.This version of the Ultra Pencil Grip has a special finger guard to hold fingers in the correct position and prevent them from crossing over, while its large s

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Image of Handwriting Activity Workbook (pack of 5)

Handwriting Activity Workbook (pack of 5)

£39.95 zero Vat

Individual, personalised workbook containing 300 structured exercises, designed to establish the correct cursive letter formation and encourage an automatic response to frequently used spelling choices.

Product Code: 0417

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Image of Handwriting Exercise Book (pack of 5)

Handwriting Exercise Book (pack of 5)

£19.57 ex Vat

170 x 226mm, 60 page exercise book with Manilla cover. Ruled with a left hand margin and discreet guidelines for improved cursive handwriting.

The the guidelines within the standard lines, which are 1cm apart

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Image of Handwriting Rescue Kit

Handwriting Rescue Kit

£21.23 ex Vat

The HRK is designed for the individual and includes: Handwriting activities workbook, Over 300 structured exercises, Handwriting Pen, Handwriting File, Paper pad. Suitable for all age groups.

Great way to help children learn to write or impr

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Image of Handwriting Rescue Scheme

Handwriting Rescue Scheme

£40.84 zero Vat

This is an attractive, well presented photocopiable master scheme that offers a cumulative approach to developing handwriting skills. Ideal teaching resources for use in the classroom and at home. Activities and workbook to help establish and impr

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Image of Large Ultra Pencil Grips

Large Ultra Pencil Grips

£19.95 ex Vat

Set of 5

This larger version of our well-loved Ultra Grip is particularly acceptable to those with poor grip. The larger size gives more control and unparalleled support. It has clear indications of the correct thumb position (L for left ha

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Image of Ridged Comfort Pencil Grips

Ridged Comfort Pencil Grips

£9.26 ex Vat

Pack of 10

The larger size and ridged surface of this development from our ‘Comfort Pencil Grip’ gives added comfort and security for those who tend to grasp the pencil t

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Image of Type with Tizzy

Type with Tizzy

£16.98 ex Vat

Educational software for learning to type.

Bring some magic to your key board skills with Type with Tizzy, a highly interactive program designed to help children develop keyboard familiarity and competence. With help from Tizzy, children w

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Image of Writers Pack

Writers Pack

£20.50 ex Vat

Writing, Listening & Drama Development

A fantastic game to develop a best seller author of tomorrow. Delight and inspire your children with this fantastic new writing package. Select a 'character' card, a 'time' card, a 'place' card and a

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Learning Resources To Improve Handwriting Skills in English Through Educational Games

Developed by specialists in training and remedial exercises in handwriting these English learning games help children to learn to write in upper and lower case using cursive script writing styles that are recognised in the national curriculum. The exercises are designed as fun educational games, ideal for English lessons in school and fun practice at home.

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