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Bring some fun into the learning process with these adding and counting educational games. Using a combination of board games, puzzles, printable worksheets and software can really help children improve their numeracy skills. There are also a number of educational toys in the range which include cookies, dice, dominoes, counters and cards. Use them as teaching resources in classroom or as fun games at home to include all the family.


Image of 6 Maths Board Games - Basic

6 Maths Board Games - Basic

£24.49 ex Vat

Great as a travel game

These sets of maths board games are made from heavy board. Each game measures 42cm x 30cm and can be played in groups of 2 to 6 students. The boxed sets also come with 20 counters, a dice and spinners. Covers: Place Va

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Image of 6 Maths Board Games - Pack 1

6 Maths Board Games - Pack 1

£24.49 ex Vat

Practice and revise the 4 operations and other key maths concepts with these colourful, fun games. Made from durable cardboard with a laminated finish. Each measures 42cm x 30cm and come with 20 counters, 4 spinners and a dice. (Place Value shown)

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Image of Pairs to 100 Dominoes

Pairs to 100 Dominoes

£14.50 ex Vat

Pairs, number bonds and inverse properties to 100 are reinforced by this game/activity. Two or more children can play it as a domino game or it can be played by one child working alone as a 'follow on' activity, since the 24 pieces make a complete

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Image of Polyhedral Dice

Polyhedral Dice

£9.26 ex Vat

RRP/Was: £9.10

Pack of 10 Polyhedral Dice in 5 Different Colour

  • Rounded corners.
  • Bright colours.
  • High quality materials.
  • Pack of 10 (2 of each type)

Product code: SO140

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Image of 6 Maths Board Games - Pack 2

6 Maths Board Games - Pack 2

£24.49 ex Vat

Also great as a travel gameFun maths games. Pack 2 suitable for children working at Y5/6 level.

This set of maths board games offer excellent value for money. Each is printed on heavy durable board and can be played in pairs or in sm

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Image of The Wizards Apprentice

The Wizards Apprentice

£16.98 ex Vat

Educational software. A Medieval Spreadsheet Adventure game. Enter the golden age of castles, kings and wizards to learn all about the magic of spreadsheets, how they function and their essential uses in everyday palace life!

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Image of Zero to Ninety Nine

Zero to Ninety Nine

£16.04 ex Vat

Fun maths games. Children need to have great familiarity with the numbers from 0-100. This book uses the hundred square to develop this facility. Highly original number games, projects, investigations and puzzles tumble from the pages to make numb

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Numeracy Games To Help Maths Understanding in Children

Help children in early years learning through to GCSE with these games for maths that the class or family at home can join in.

The games are sourced from specialist suppliers, many of whom are small companies founded by ex teachers. They can be bought online or via a school order on account - just use the school quotation option at the checkout

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