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Image of Fingerprinting  A Forensic Puzzle

Fingerprinting A Forensic Puzzle

£117.00 ex Vat

Science games.Forensics Bio Science. Fingerprinting - A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation. Apply the scientific method using actual crime-solving techniques. Using fingerprints lifted from a fictional crime scene, your children become forensic sci

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Image of Frequency of Blood Types Using Neo BLOOD

Frequency of Blood Types Using Neo BLOOD

£75.00 ex Vat

Teacher games. Lab Investigation. Safely simulate the distribution of blood types in a given population. Children determine the ABO and Rh blood types of unknown simulated blood samples and pool their class data to calculate the frequency of each

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Image of Genes and Probability

Genes and Probability

£75.00 ex Vat

Learning games. Genetics & Heredity: Bio Science Genes & Probability.

Lab Investigation. Discover the fundamental principles of genetics. Study the patterns of inheritance and the genetic probability of easily observed and tested traits.

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Image of Gram Staining of Bacteria

Gram Staining of Bacteria

£117.00 ex Vat

Teacher games. Gram Staining of Bacteria. Lab Investigation. Identify bacteria - safely and conveniently! Engage your children with a hands-on lesson in bacteria morphology! Revolutionary "snap & stain" ampoules provide the safest and easiest way

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Image of Growing Biofilms

Growing Biofilms

£96.00 ex Vat

Teaching resources in the form of science games. Growing Biofilms.

Lab Investigation. A first-hand view of the beneficial and detrimental effects of biofilms! On certain wet surfaces, various bacterial species, fungi, protozoa and algae s

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Image of Microbe Scavenger Hunt

Microbe Scavenger Hunt

£92.00 ex Vat

Classroom resources. Bacteria & Fungi Bio Science:

Lab Investigation. Explore the microworld in your environment hunt for various kinds of micro organisms - including bacteria, fungi and protists - in water, air, soil and even food, empl

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Image of MicroLife Water Field Kit

MicroLife Water Field Kit

£78.00 ex Vat

Science games. MicroLife Water Field Kit. The Kit is designed for use in the lab or in the field. User friendly worksheets and other resource materials are included. Replenishment chemicals may be ordered individually or as a complete kit, namely

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Image of MicroLife Water Monitoring Kit

MicroLife Water Monitoring Kit

£68.00 ex Vat

The kit was designed to provide a simple, affordable and safe method of performing basic water quality tests on water samples. The written material applies to the testing of surface water from rivers and dams, however some of the tests can be done

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Image of Model Flower

Model Flower

£62.00 ex Vat

Ten times life size large size beautiful model of a typical flower, all parts detachable and made in plastic. Ideal fro the class and children at home to see the details of a typical flower. The model also shows an Ovary with a single ovule inside

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Image of Nutrition Model

Nutrition Model

£165.00 ex Vat

Teaching resource science games. Nutrition Model.

A three-dimensional model of the food pyramid and hands-on activities incorporate nutrition with body chemistry. Packed with activities that demonstrate how the body converts food to energ

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